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Camp Policies

Policies @ Talon Point Camp

This is an outdoor venue, designed to have a land-based experience. With that said, there are hazards to consider when attending the venues, trails and lake that are dangerous and change with the weather. This will require that you take time to dress appropriately and also measure you own ability to walk in dirt, manage hills on foot and balance on stairs and dock ways.

There is wildlife here, fire based heaters, and water that all are require your full attention, so drinking alcohol on site it not permitted.

If you prefer not to maintain a fire, a propane heater can be provided for your comfort.

There are areas where you may take up a night in a teepee, which is cool. However you need to know this is not a sound, critter or bug proof environment.

Children must be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES, as there are fire, water and steep slopes around the camp.

Bringing your own special canine (dog) is permitted, however we need your animal fully trained and leashed at all times. The space here is shared and there is outdoor cooking, we know this smells amazing to dogs; however not so amazing should they walk off with a steak from your neighbour.

There are outdoor washrooms (outhouses) for your convenience, which also means it can be a little chilly at times and there will be the odd insect. All facilities are sanitized several times daily for your health and safety.

We do have a shower available in the main house. This is not open to the public, however should there be a severe desire to experience it, a 25$ charge will be added to your stay.

We know life happens, however we do need to respect the times required for people who want to experience the camp, so 5 days notice is appreciated. “No shows” will not be returned their $50 deposit (for teepees) and $250 (for full venue rental).

Parking space is made available by the Trade Shop.  Should you need to drop items off or have someone needing a little assistance, there is a drop off zone near the camp itself.  All vehicles are required to park in the lot indicated.

This space also hosts various types of traditional ceremonial practices.  Therefore we expect that all visitors will respect the various protocols in place during their time at the camp.

We are a low to no environmental footprint venue, we ask that you plan to take out of the camp what you bring in.  Garbage and recycling will be provided, however they are limited.

Fresh water will be provided for drinking along with re-usable cups. Should you prefer your own, please feel free to bring one.

The camp gate opens at 8 am and to visitors and all traffic at 9 pm.

Visitors are welcome to come to the camp via the water by boat, however dock time is limited and we has that you be cautious of any swimmers or other vessels in the area by practicing slow taxi speeds when approaching or leaving the camp waters.